September 9, 2015

Surrender . To . You .

This video from Soul Anatomy is a breath of fresh Air. I've had similar thoughts often.  And fight the antithesis of "real me" to some degrees, as a Human and member of society.

Watching this makes me feel especially excited for the current movement in alternative schooling for adolescents. I think this is where true individuality often gets squelched, or Pigeon hole's itself out of fear for survival. I feel this is becuase school is all about "right" and "wrong"... Defining who we are by how we look, what we make or "do" for a living...and it has created generations of individuals wrapped up in an  endless whirl of dissatisfaction.

 I find my favorite people and best friends are often really different from me in many ways. When I was young I wasted a lot of time, and confusion trying to make friendships work with people who seemed like me on the outside, but, we couldn't be any more different within.

It was forced and never worked. Quick you feel good about the friendships around you?

Are you a secret hoarder of frenemies? Lots of people do it!

Sometimes it feels easier to hang on to something rather than feel like you have nothing. On the inside of you, and on the outside of you.

Not so secret, but true...when you let go of relationships that are old, worn, and/or based on things no longer true to you---all parties are rewarded. Space for new, nourishing relationships come in. Letting go. Is *&(%* GOOD.

This also goes for your relationship with yourself. Your old ideas of yourself.

I am reminded of having lunch with a friend who "was an insurance agent". She didn't necessarily ID with that, I'm just pointing out this pigeon hole.

Just curious for check in sake---What comes to mind for you right now? What came to my mind before I befriended an insurance agent? She didn't fit any of it.

And, thank Goddess, my judgement meter has simmered down to where I don't give a *)$& what you "do". Let's talk about your Dreams, your ideas, or your day, or enjoy seemingly pointless banter that makes us both laugh. Really.

Anyhow, this friend shared a lesson she experienced with her daughter around bullying and a pack mentality at school. She shared with her, "you don't pick you friends by how they look, or even what they like, you choose them by the morals."

What fantastic advice for a child. Or fellow adult. it's a way to instill confidence, avoid peer pressure, and not settle--obviously tacking in a lot of lessons on individuality, non-judgement and non-preachy-ness of morals.

Now, morals are an effervescently sticky topic so i'm not going there, but, I feel there is truth in her Wisdom shared.

We find true friendship in how we treat one another, those who we can trust, those who see us for us, and, yes, it's awesome when you share hobbies/activities/interests in common!

Our relationships can be incredible growth tools for us as individual Souls. I know for myself, a constant space of growth is slowing down and sharing time.

 I am often "too busy" being a hermit. Or working. I spent a decade tending to work/school responsibilities instead of weddings, birthday celebrations, dinner parties...

And, I finally stopped working on Saturdays so that i could STOP ignoring my space for true connection in the community around me.

That said, I feel all far too often, we forget how our perimeters of friendship apply deeply to ourselves. I know the more gentle I am on myself, and embodied I feel-- the more present I can be for others. Not just with work yo!

So, I kind of have these questions in mind right now...

How do you ID with your accouterments, clothing, belongings, job title, social status?

Do you give yourself that cushion-y, Dreamy space to listen to your Heart?  And actually see is as REAL?

 Are you honoring your desires, the ones that seem damn near impossible due to Life circumstances?

Are you waking up in the morning ready to live the Life you have?

Or, is it time for a positive and alternate escape route?

Is it time to listen? What next steps will you take to do so?

Down time, away from noise, to surrender and listen is key for me. Other days, inspiration pops up in the middle of the work day, during a yoga class (I know, so Zen, right?), or, in the face of a divinely placed crisis.

But, what if it never had to come to a panic and push? What if it could come to you through choice and ease?

I know I feel it is time to check myself; ask-re-ask-and re-refine many of the above questions above. Some of my BIGGEST Dreams I have set on the back burner for way too long. Sometimes we set on course and forge out way only to realize we somehow ended up in the a totally different place that we imagined.

And, I realize you that can make your Life happen as you wish it to be. It takes dreaming AND Re-fining, Re-defining, Re-entering....

 Not as an act of survival, but, in Honor of our Gift of Life as YOU. This time around. <3

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