April 19, 2016

Tap Roots

Last Autumn, my partner and I moved into a new house with a large and heavenly Sun spotted yard. 

We finally share enough space to *not* hear everything one another is doing. Our failed attempts to shout random nothings at each other from across the house brought on an odd sense of peace. It was easy to get used to. 

Finally. Space to be together, but, apart. 

Fast forward to Spring, our Sundays together mean lots of time in the Garden. I recently purchased some Coral Bells, Ferns and Flox for our mostly shady Garden bed --- they were grown four by four inch pots and had WELL outgrown their flats. 

Their Roots were a static tangled mess held into as large of a firm square that their little plastic spaces would allow. 

That sight was pretty depressing to me. I could not help but feel like my mission with every Plant was to recognize and release the potential of each little Root!

"I see you and your great potential. You are not where you came from. You are not your past. You are not the box in which society places you. You are timeless and free."

Plants are always in search of their best Soil, Sun, and Watering conditions... and are always moving towards those resources. When they begin to outgrow their containers, they take on the shape of their container, or, if the container is permeable, they break through them. 

Many people don't realize, but, when you plant a Tree, Shrub or Flower, it is in best practice to shake up the Roots so that they know they are free to grow in the most nourishing direction. It's also great practice to dig a hole at least twice a large in diameter in order to loosen the Soil around the Roots so they have plenty of inspiration to take form.  

While planting these little fellows I was reminded over and over again by how sometimes all it takes is one individual in our lives to remind us of our greatness.  Just a little tickling of our Roots and a loose shaking of our perceived environment. 

However, a reminder may be all the external help we get. It is up to us to create and recreate our most ideal growing environment.

We live as small or as large as we allow ourselves to. 

And....sometimes the boxes we dwell in, are, well, too small for our greatness. 

Open yourself up to stepping outside of that box. 

Sometimes, society, while seemingly all encompassing, is really only a self-inflicted barrier waiting for us to break it open. 

And, while this little conversation with the Coral Bells, Flox and Ferns can be made quite literal, what I've learned in Life is that more often than not, we shouldn't count on a giant mythical creature so come and save us from our all too tiny boxes. 

That's the great Human dilemma. Sometimes my dear, it's just up to you. 

When you tickle and pluck at Roots to loosen and free them from their outgrown boxes -- they are most conformed around the edges -- and the most free at the core -- where their Tap Root resides. 

When we center ourselves and look inward, our capability for self-expansion and our ability to thrive creatively can seem limitless and it is up to us to pull that energy outward and into the World around us. 

Live from your center, your Tap Root. 

noun: tap-root
  1. a straight tapering root growing vertically downwards and forming the centre from which subsidiary rootlets spring.

When we rely on the boxes society reflects back to us as "okay", we get tripped up, held back and reformed. When we affirm ourselves in the mirror day after day who we are and who we are not, we confirm our boxes. 

When we shine Light on our greatness and say "YES!" to our potential, the walls gently crumble. We find ways to more fertile Soil, refreshing Water and Inspired Sun Light. 

However, you have to take chances. When we break through societal fears in honor of our own Hearts, Truths, Voices, and Desires, we break ground for our greatest potential. The support we need will follow. 

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