April 21, 2016

Confidence, Creativity, Cultivation: Mind - Body Posture and Your Hidden Self

Okay, my first ‪Throwback Thursday ever I think...

Hands down my *favorite* inner child picture left laying about.

It's amazing how as children, we flow along and stand within our bodies so confidently.

Yet, years into Life, many of us begin to hold foreign body patterns and postures -- a reflection of who we perceive we are growing into and how we may feel....Slumped shoulders, tilted pelvises, forward jutting chins, inward pulling bellies, etc.

Just curious, what might it be like for you to look at your childhood pictures and/or videos to see what pieces of your Spirit were so magically captured in time?

What might you be reminded was and is always there if you claim it?

For me in this picture? A little bit of rebel, a lot of walking my own personal path, a Love for time with the Trees and a swing in my gate that simply cracks me up.

I was loving, joyful, and loved to dance. My early designer self cut the crotch out of my skorts because what the heck is a skort good for anyway?

A skirt with flaps is so much more desirable.

Shortly after, my parents banned from using scissors. Not for running with them, but, for re-purposing and re-inventing items....Others may call this destroying, hah.

I guess that's left up to the eyes of the beholder... --- When you Honor YOUR Hearts Desires and Creations you flourish as a creative being, Inspire those around you and make the World a more beautiful, accepting, quirky and diverse place to Thrive in.

Now it's your turn...

What passions and perceptions from your little Self are still Alive and kicking today?

What lights have been dampened that you miss?

What body postures and patterns have you learned over the years?

What would it be like to just try to stand up and walk like you did as a child?

What will you do this weekend that shines Light and reaffirms your unique Gifts?

Your right to happiness?

Your claim for creation?

Get on it!

With Love,

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