April 30, 2016

Mind-Body Balance in the Heart of Spring: Spring Depression, Allergies + Water Retention

While some individuals remain relatively balanced year round, many of us are more sensitive to change. This time in-between Seasons can make you feel very out of balance.

Awareness of such sensitivity to your environmental changes is a huge step towards a healthier and happier Life...

We are not just Living with Nature,
We are a part of Nature.

With Spring, much energy arises from the Earth and within our bodies -- the Sap rises from the Roots and towards the Branches of Trees and Plants so Buds can burst forth.  

Our bodily fluids and energy also begins to rustle and rise within our own bodies.

So, be gentle on yourself this Spring if you are not feeling as Stellar as the Violets, Red Buds and Pear Trees, co-workers or best friends appear to feel....

While some feel the Sparks and JOY of Spring, others feel noticeably heavy and chaotic among the newly found extroversion.

The movement of Spring is upward and outward. Though Spring heralds bouts of warmth, this Season is mainly cold and moist. 

Spring vacillates. On one hand, she blooms, warms, shines Light on and moves a lot of energy. On the other, she provides cold Rains, Dewy Mornings, and cool Nights. 

The fluids in our bodies that have grown cold and comfortably stagnant with the cold, stillness of Winter are now asking to work overtime in their regulation of body temperature and energy management!

All of this commotion can cause stuffy  headaches, sinus pressure, anxiety, red eyes and inflammation of the skin --- or, feelings of heaviness, congestion, Water retention  in the face, stomach, legs, and yes, even Spring depression. 

Spring Depression and Allergies

Spring depression is found in a small population of individuals (only about 5%), however, it is a very real state of being.  

I have come to the conclusion that it may result from a combination of inflammation in response to Pollen, lymphatic stagnation and a manifestation of allergies not only within the Body, but also in the Mind.

I also believe there is a comfort for introverts and highly sensitive people during the quite Winter months. So, when Spring comes around, anxiety and overwhelm can arise. This is a time when Spring colors, happy joggers and sunny days can feel almost like an assault to the psyche! 

Cynical much? I know and speak from personal experience and have met a handful of individuals who have felt the same thing year after year. I mean, who dreads Spring?

At least five percent of the population who suffer from Spring depression, apparently. Oh, and the other one in five people (at least in the US) that suffer from seasonal allergies. That's actually quite a few. 

The good news is, as overwhelming as it can seem, recovery from the roller coaster of seasonal allergies and/or Spring depression is possible.  

You can take steps beyond simply "riding out the Season".

It takes listening to and honoring your Mind-Body. 

It takes your choice to say YES to empowered health.  

And, it takes a little willingness to brew herbal teas, or work with aromatic oils and/or take steps to evaluate environmental factors....

You may be surprised, but, it may not actually be the sprightly Pollen and beautiful Flowers that cause you to have such a strong allergenic response! 

Believe me, I have seen Botanical medicine and simple lifestyle shifts act effectively and with lasting results in many individuals. You may take a little time to figure out exactly what works for your mind-body type. Some results come faster than others and it is so worth the investment of energy and growth. 

A Few Natural Steps Toward Empowered Health...

So, below are a few Plant medicines and Mind-Body practices I have seen work with some individuals.

That shared, please know that we are all very unique in Mind-Body type.

Herbal Medicine is not about finding the perfect herb for a symptom -- it is about finding the right herb for your body type at this point in time. 

I find it really inspiring that Oprah and National Geographic have written about the effectiveness of Herbal Medicine, as well as the importance of working with those professionally trained.

If you try the Herbs and Essential Oils below without relief, don't give up. It simply means they are not the right herbs for you. 

If  you are ready to better understand your body-mind type and the right herbs to match,  I am accepting three new clients for a one-to-one three month deep dive.

Send me an email and I will respond with some questions for you to answer to ensure we may be a great fit.

Herbs and Essential Oils to Calm Chaos + Depression in Spring

Nettles: An Herbal Tonic

Consider integrating a cold tea of Nettles Leaf on a daily basis.You can do do very simply by placing a handful of Nettles Leaf into a quart mason jar and covering with hot Water.

Allow to steep over Night and drink throughout the Day.

Nettles is gently stimulating, drying, slightly warming and a great diuretic. It is also quite nutritious and aid in our bodies elimination of excess uric acid which can lead to Water retention. It is best to begin a Nettles infusion tea in February before Spring allergies begin, however, it is better late than never!

Peppermint Essential Oil: Sinus Relief

Peppermint essential oil, in low dilutions (2--3%) can aid us tremendously when it comes to sinus congestion. Peppermint is an initially cooling and drying lymphatic stimulant. It can aid in our capacity of breath, help us to feel more energized and focused -- simply put, Peppermint is clarifying.

You may even notice it's clarifying Nature when you use Peppermint toothpaste in the Mornings -- a time when sinus congestion can be most noticeable. I suggest using a peppermint inhalers (available here at the office), or, simply smelling it from the essential oil bottle.

Just be cautious to not accidentally hold the bottle too close to your face -- Peppermint can be quite irritating to the skin and should always be diluted in a carrier oil before application.

Believe me when I say, when it come to aromatherapy, less is more!

Mind-Body Energy Management

This is a powerful time to catch up on sleep and re-evaluate your distribution of energy. Though the daylight is changing, consider heading to bed a bit earlier. Ask yourself...

What brings me energy?
What drains my energy?

These two simple questions can welcome a dramatic wind fall of positive change. When we realize how we prefer to spend and save our energy, we gain Power over our Lives!

For example, I know a few things that bring me energy: I need to spend time outside with my feet on the Earth, I  Love to feeding and watching the Birds in our backyard, I need to integrate movement in my daily Practice of Life --- Hence, I've been taking time every day to do at least one of these acts of energizing Nourishment.

What Gives you Energy? What Drains You?

I encourage you to  identify what energizes and nourishes you and commit to integrating these things into your Life. The same goes for what drains you, only, I would like for you to think about how you can phase the items this list out of your Life. Or, at least find a way to make them less draining.

You may be surprised by just how much more energy you have in response to such changes.

I truly hope that the above suggestions are helpful to you or a fellow friend who feels a little chaos in Spring. Yes, these herbal remedies and suggestions may only be the tip of the  Iceberg, however they are one more step along your path of Empowered Health!

For over ten years, like you have found relief from their allergies, anxiety, digestive trouble and sensitivities while working with me.

I believe that with the rise in awareness of Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy and Mind-Body Nutrition, comes a rise self-actualized and healing in individuals on a deeper level than ever!

So, if you know this work is for you, send me an email and I will respond with a few questions for you to answer. If we seem like a good fit, we can talk more about a one-to-one Mind-Body Health coaching deep dive. All I ask of you is to come open to positive transformation and Life changing shifts.

Wishing you a smooth transition this Spring!

Plant Love + Light Hearts, 


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