December 13, 2014

Cozy up with Spaciousness

Hoping this finds you in 

merry Spirits this weekend!

Knowing this can be a very busy time

for many, I want to 
share two simple tips

to stay calm, cool + 

this month.  

These tips

 involve your day to day 

presence and consciousness.

That's all. 

But, when embraced, they can be Life changing. 

This truly will be quick, as I know you are busy, 

so bear with me. 

No. 1 

When is the last time you stopped to feel your breath?

Like, really, really, feel it, as in...

From the tip of your tongue, and into your your 

core expands and contracts, and, how your mind feels more 

fresh, asthe Air both nourishes, and detoxifies the cells in 

your body.
So many of us forget to breath. 

Yet, it is one of the most natural, and simple tools in which 

we can feed, and care for, our bodies. 

The act of five deep breathes can actually trick

 your mind, and, body into believing 

it is not stressed. 

True story. 

No. 2    Refining your cellphone etiquette isn't just for the 

person in front of you {in Real-Time Life}, it's for you.

By creating a few tiny boundaries between you, and your 

cellphone/camera/email machine/home office/beeper 

{yeah, remember those?}, 

you can *actually* allow yourself some of the downtime you 

are always dreaming about...or, maybe even wining about...
I know I do at times!

So, I'm asking you to turn that sucker off, or,
place it in a really inconvenient to reach space
for an extended period of time.

How long?

Long enough to make you

 a little uncomfortable. 


Just try it. 

You may experience chills, or, hallucinations,

but, I promise, you will get through it.

Very likely, so will your friends, and children.

If you must, send a memo of momentary unavailability.

I know how hard it can be hard to allow yourself such  

permission, but, you really do deserve 

some simply "off the hook" time. 

I am willing to step out on a limb here, 

and say that, maybe, just maybe, 

biologically speaking, you actually need it. 

And, though the scientific studies have 

just begun, regarding our physical, emotional, 

and, mental health in relationship to cellphones,

 I personally think it will not be long 

before science recognizes the stress-inducing impact 

that being "on" all the time has,

 in regards to our health. 

Historically, we are social creatures. 

We thrive on connection.

Yet, it is wild to see how left out so many can feel
when the loyalty to a cellphone wins over 

potential conversation,

a smile, or, greeting of eye contact.

Though, only a foot away, and completely 

engaged in our space, people can end up 

feeling a world away.

And so, his holiday season seems like the perfect time to 

begin a commitment of re-engagement.

If we don't set boundaries, we may find ourselves 

unknowingly hurting others, or, being hurt. 

We may find ourselves multitasking with

 our cellphones at the most inappropriate times... 

We may miss out on so many meaningful 

gifts, stories, and, new friendships to share.

So, this holiday, and year to come, 

I ask you to join me in becoming 

more proactive in your kindness, 

to turn up your respect, and, 


 of everyone  within your community.  

I ask you to take more time to breathe. 

While shipping among strangers, 

chatting with old friends, 

sharing libations with loved ones...

consider turning your loyalty to your cellphone down... 

...for the day, for the hour, and, for those 

precious moments we have to share. 

It will allow you more time to breath, and, 

more time to enjoy 

your In Real Life. Now. 

And, on that note, if you are feeling ambitious while reaching 

for your phone for the third time in five minutes...

instead of looking at the screen, 

take five deep breathes, 

and move along. 

Maybe even step outside for a brisk fix of fresh Air...

That's all I have for you today. 

I do wish you a Joy-filled holiday. 

hope to hear from you soon, 

or, in the New Year.

If this speaks to you, 

Let me know how you hope to 

create spaciousness in your Life, 

and, into your community. 

Thank you for being you, 

for supporting the healing work at Nourish,

 and, for fostering Light in our community.

And, as always, gift certificates are available for purchase.

I have a scheduled batch of orders to ship out next week. 

Let me know by email, text or phone {below}, and I can ship

 some out to you as well, or, schedule a later date for pick up.

Plant Love + Light Hearts,
Nishaan Sandhu

 {Nourish} Body + Botanicals

  Mind, Body, Heart & Soul.

                    Nourish, llc | Lexington KY | (502) 802-8036 

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