October 9, 2014

Living With The Fall Season: Inspiring Your Creative Voice. (part 3)

This is a re-post of my Living with the Seasons series from 2012


{Living with the Fall Season Part 3}

Inspire your creative voice, honor your dreams, stay hydrated, and create.

Wow, it is already November! I can't believe it. We are beginning to wind down with the beginning of fall's whimsy as our energies deepen further into the ground. Before our out environment grows much more moist and cool, I would like to share some ways to help you to deal with the dryness that can ensue with fall. 

I will touch on the creative aspects of fall to inspire your breath of creativity and expand the energy of your voice.  As I have mentioned in the past, over the years I have noticed during the early fall months,
a noticeable increase in a large percentage of my clients who come in with sudden or exasperated tightness in their neck, shoulders and chest. This seasonal pattern is uncanny so here are also a few energetic approaches to release tension from that area.

 So...here is, what I have to share this early November on Living with the Fall...


"...The dancing of the leaves, howling breath of the wind, and sporadic bursts of air influence our voice and creative expression..." 

Energetically, the neck is an area of the voice and creativity. The elements that most resonate with the voice is air and ether. Sounds and music are reminiscent of fall. I generally love to listen to stringed instrumental music this time of year. One of my most nostalgia-inducing favorite bands ever is Rachel's, from Louisville, KY. I also think of Nick Drake, and, The Clogs. Here lately-old time bluesy jazz has been my favorite thing to listen to, so Ella Fitzgerald, Etta Jones, Billie Holiday, and Robert Johnson have been my most gratifying companions this fall. 

Creative expression: writing, thinking and dreaming...

I wrote a series on how to discover your own method of journaling--your own way to look inward, re-connect to your senses and the world around you. Journaling is incredibly empowering! You can read that here, along with a few exercises that I find very helpful.  The fall can be a powerful time for dreams as well. If you do not already have a dream journal, consider taking the time to do so. The insights you gain through a dream journal are a can be irreplaceable while on a personal self healing journey.

Inspiring Acts of Self Care--Warmth, flavor, and creativity.

  • Sound: Sit with the sounds of fall...take time to listen to peaceful and moving music. Create a space with chimes so you can enjoy them with the breeze. Have you ever listened to the music of crystal bowls? It can be quite beautiful and moving. 
  • Moisturize Your Skin and Drink Plenty of Water: Thought there is much moisture that gathers in the fall, the cool air and rain that accompanies us late in the fall season can actually begin to dry out our skin as we grow closer to winter. This is a great time to begin to moisturize daily. Be sure you keep up with your water intake! It is very easy to become dehydrated in the fall and winter months. If you have a hard time drinking water, read herbalist, Darcey Blue's blog post that features creative ways to drink water!
  • Honoring Your Dreams By Journaling: The fall can inspire vivid dreams for many.I find that with the cool air, I am able to sleep much more soundly. I sleep with a pen and a journal by the bed. Don't be afraid to take a thirty minute break from sleep to record what you can remember. I consider the remembrance of a dream as a gift that should be honored. Honor your inner teachers, honor yourself. If you have difficulty sleeping or dreaming, please be in touch via email. I have created several sleep and dream oils for individuals with great results!
  • Enjoy Warming Cups of Tea: As you sip a warm cup of tea, notice how it changes how you feel. Do you feel more calm? Relaxed? Still? I always love a fall cup of homemade Chai with warming spices.  Here is a bare bones traditional Indian Chai recipe. Try not to count this as water intake--as many warm drinks, such as black and green tea, coffee, and many warming herbs, can also be very drying! It's all about cultivating a balance.
  • Integrate the Flavors Sweet & Spicy: The flavor that nourishes the body from the brisk, cool and dry air is sweetness. Consider adding some honey to a cup of warming tea this time of year. When cooking your veggies, consider roasting them slowly. This lends to a more moist and sweet flavor for the fall.  Sweet doesn't necessarily mean sugar. Oats, rice, dairy, and many vegetables, such as beets, carrots, and yams, are sweet foods to begin!
  • Creative Expression: Make music, sing, dance, paint, and, express with nature. Let it be your muse! Humming is a very fall like thing to do, especially when combined with a grounding meditation. We don't want to float off too far with the airiness that is fall
  • Getting into the Fall Festivities...Pin it!: During the cooler months, it can be almost necessary for some to find reasons to celebrate. Consider getting into the spirit of the holidays. Get creative, take time for crafty activities that will help to make the holiday more special.  If you have a hard time finding inspiration for creative ideas, take a peek at Pinterest! Here is a link to my Pinterest profile if you would like a place to start. I would suggest finding something in your house that you can use, such as an old light bulb or egg carton and search those items to see what genius ideas come up!

I truly hope this post has been helpful for you. Part 4 will be out shortly, where I cover self-care practices such as seasonal eating, movement, and meditation. Hearts to you :)

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