March 15, 2013

You are Beautiful

I drove the wrong way down highway 13 and so I took the first turn available. I ended up in Sapsucker woods, a place I have hoped to volunteer my time with birds in an Ornithology lab. Though, this was my first time here ever. I drove myself there, unaware. 

I went with it. 

I drove around for a short while admiring the woods...still not sure why I was there. It was cold and drizzling. I had a date with a friend soon, so I did not want to fall into exploring. 

I pulled into a turn about in a strange caddy corner after a stop sign. I stopped, put my car in reverse, and looked up. 

Directly above me was this sign.

 I said, "holy shit", parked my car, got out and took a picture. 

If there is one thing I have learned in all this time alone recently, It's that I swear out loud to myself when in awe. It's happened over three times in the past month. 

Life is amazing. All you have to do is stop, take a moment to ground, listen, and little gifts will pop up left and right. Or, in front of you.  

I love public art and reminders such as this one: We are all beautiful. 

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