March 20, 2013

Happy Spring! 

 I am GIVING AWAY A FREE Alchemy of the Heart session in honor of the Spring Equinox, yay!

Well...this is also also in honor of my heart really wanting to see some spring flowers while I am in snowy Ithaca. 

Yay again!

How to Qualify~Some Airy Guidelines 

  • Post a picture on my Facebook page: Share a image or two that you have captured of a spring flower that has graced your presence. That means spring-ish walk is mandatory. As for those of you all who do not live in the more temperate Southern regions, older photos count too, but, a nice walk also seems mandatory ;) 

  • Tell me how it inspires you in a comment on your photo. The inspiration can be a single word, a paragraph, a color, you name it. I am totally into abstract association. 

  • Share with a friend via Facebook (if that jives with you).

Photo Guide~ from the heart wildly appreciated.


As for your images, I am talking about those moments when your breathe is taken away by the sheer surprise of fantastic-ness bursting forth in color and spirit! 

Or, if you are less dramatic than a I am, keep it simple and take a photo of a pretty flower that makes you smile.

Camera phone images very welcome. AKA... It doesn't have to be super duper high quality photography-just an image inspired by the beauty of spring! 

You may have to "like" this page to share an image, I am not sure...but, more likes are loved either way! 

This will be a week about a week long contest. I will have a magical committee of folks to help me decide the winner. This will include my mother, though, she doesn't know it yet. 

Share the jewels of spring as they emerge from the soft and fertile ground of the earth and bedazzle (yup, bedazzle) the first breath of trees! 

What is an Alchemy of the Heart Session?


In case you did not read this past blog post, Alchemy of the Heart, is a 90 minute spiritual aromatherapy and Tarot session created to inspire a supportive essential oil blend of plant allies just for you.

Our time together is dedicated to honor whatever positive changes you may like to welcome into your life. It is also dedicated to the letting go of that which no longer serve you. 

A personalized aromatherapy blend is formulated in support of you as you face transitions in the world around you, and inside of you.

The Blending and Formulating Process

Blending a massage oil for myself at home.
Note very professional and decorative 'Beauty in the Beast' sticker
 on Eucalyptus bottle courtesy of niece goodness.

After our session, I test 3-7 versions of your formula until I come up with your very own unique and savory blend of plant allies. It will be a luscious blend of 100% organic jojoba oil and pure essential enchanting package will be shipped to you within 7-10 business days. 

Your botanical blend blend will come in the form of roll-on perfume that makes it easy to carry on you in support of your person when you most need it!

These sessions are offered via Skype, Googlechat, or by phone. Bring your favorite pen, notebook, and an open heart!

If you would like to read more about these sessions, visit my website here > >

I have also written a more in depth blog post about these sessions and how they came to fruition on this blog post.

Hello Spring and big love to you!

<3 nishaan

Spring Crocus Love!

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