December 23, 2015

Glimmering for Gold

During this month so many of gather with family and close friends to celebrate Winter holidays, and the New Year. Our Superstar muscles flex on and off. Sometimes we celebrate with stellar party game face. And, some days we'd feel better off in bed.

We can't always be on. I guess some could argue. If that's you,  I'd say I'm jealous, but, I love my spectrum of emotions too much, especially the dark spaces in which I like to hide from the World. So, instead, I will say I admire you and thank you for making the World a brighter place <3

For those existing without automated stellar holiday game face...It's not abnormal to wake up feeling a bit extra sensitive. It's okay to acknowledge how sometimes, special someones know a short cut under your skin.  The present triggers on a platter....which...when worked through, truly are a blessing towards personal evolution.

 In these cases, sometimes all you can do is walk away and take a breather around the block to simulate alone time. In fact, now is a great time to pick up that jogging routine you've mentally simulated time and time again.

But, getting to my's a great time to remember how we ALWAYS have a choice to re-frame our situations.  To swap out our current lenses with something more shiny...a suggested practice we commonly hear.

And, I'm about to suggest it to you again, but, in detail....


For those of you who find yourself mentally stewing in annoyance just thinking about a worrisome dynamic that near... I have an idea you'll either love or cross your eyes at in frustration and cynicism. I get it and am going to suggest this anyway...

Make a Starry eyed journal for those you are about to spend time with.

You can be as snarky and sarcastic as you need to be in the warm up. Eventually, get past those mini (or truly major) flaws that most people never pick up on.

Basically, instead of priming yourself for agitation and anxiety....make a gorgeous list of all the big, beautiful, individual, creative awesomeness that shines from within all the people you Love before you see them. It may brighten your view of the World. It may extend itself out as energy work to those you Love, or Love to sort of dislike.

This isn't to take light of truly difficult situations. It's to practice Loving bigger. It's to practice energy work for the World, your family, your friends, co-workers, your sorta friends that you're gonna run into anyway.

What are some traits you can Love bigger about that special someone? Make a list for them all. See how this changes the dynamic this week. Total experiment.

Happy Holidays everyone. Wishing so much Love for you.

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