December 19, 2010

Attorney General Conway Announces Settlement with Dannon over Deceptive Advertising of Activia & DanActive
I never quite understood how any beneficial bacteria (probiotic) could survive a second in Dannon's antibiotic-ridden yogurt! Well, that's because they made up their own strains of bacteria----"L. casei Immunitas" & "Bifidus Regularis"! They didn't really work as they claimed it. ..

Just a word  to the wise, mega corporations typically shows signs of we-want-to-make monius" not "we-care-about your-healthius". If you consume yogurt to establish healthy gut flora, make it organic!

 Organic yogurt is  naturally ANTIBIOTIC FREE and full of beneficial bacteria! You can purchase organic yogurts such as SevenStar Farms or Stonyfield Farm from your local co-op or grocery. I will be posting a recipe on how to make homemade yogurt shortly!

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