January 9, 2014

Cultivating Space for The Winter Inside Of You

Nature calls out to us with a blank white slate, make space to do nothing...

Enjoy the little things as you embrace the slowness of hibernation. 


Take the time to go to bed early if your body so wishes. 

Do not allow yourself to feel guilty, as you notice, you may be getting fewer things done. 

Instead, enjoy this. 

This is Winter.

Nature joins and encourages us all to settle down. 

Sit in your thoughts and drink some hot tea as you stare out the window...or gaze towards your favorite wall. 

Even if for five minutes, allow yourself some space. Some quiet. Some stillness. 

Make a little nesting hole at home <3

Add a candle and nice smells if you like them.

Toss in a cozy blanket, maybe pick up a book....but, most importantly, feel comfortable to do nothing... 

...the Rhythm of Life calls you. 

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