December 17, 2012

What To Do With Your Essential Oils

Using Your Essential Oils for Therapy and Enjoyment

Do you have a favorite way to use your essential oils? 

Essential oils can be incredibly therapeutic and spiritually healing. There are many ways to use your essential oils practically, and more importantly, safely. 

As I mention in my post, Using Your Essential Oils Safely, it is truly important that we take the time to learn a few good rules of thumb before getting started. Once you've taken the time to learn about proper use of essential oils, you can begin to enjoy the oils to their fullest benefit at home or at the office. 

Below are just a few ideas I typically may suggest to clients...
  • In the Bath: Once you have poured a warm bath, add 5-7 drops of your essential oils to the water and swish around. Be sure to do this right before you get in, as they will eventually evaporate.
  • Perfume Body Oil: Add 6-24 drops of essential oils to 1 oz of chosen carrier oil. Apply to the back of your knees, or legs, chest, or behind ears as a perfume or before getting into a nice hot bath. As pointed out by a teacher of mine, this method of application is least wasteful when it comes to using your essential oils in the bathtub!

Place the oils where you feel the most support. Though, when in the bath/shower, the feet are best avoided as to avoid slippage. For example, if you feel that you could use support in the emotions of your heart, place the oils over your heart. If you have nervous tension, consider behind your ears, the back of your neck, or on your temples. 

If you are using this oil for a sleep or waking blend, apply to your feet before bed or upon waking and cover your feet with socks. Topical dilution: Blend 6-24 drops in a glass bottle with 1 oz of chosen carrier oil. If working with citrus oils, only add 6 drops of essential oil per every ounce of carrier oil.

  • In the Shower: Apply 1-3 drops on the bathtub faucet so the essential oils diffuse with the steam from the warm water. 

  • Diffuse in Home or Office: Purchase a candle lit diffuser from the Co-op, a craft store, or home goods shop. Fill the cup with water, add 3-5 drops to the cup of water, and light the candle below. You can refill the water and refresh the drops with time.

  • Place on a cotton ball in your pocket, closet, or linen drawer: This is a fun way to get to know your oils, or your blend. This is a great way to carry your oil with you throughout the day without having to carry your entire bottle. Also, this can be a fun way to play with different blends of essential oils without using a lot of material.

  • Use as a facial steam: Some essential oils can tonify, decrease oil, increase moisture, or inspire a glow to your complexion. See directions below for creating a steam. Use only once a week or a month, be sure the oils are right for your complexion! For the facial steam, you need not worry about breathing the oils deep into your lungs. Just enjoy the warmth of the steam, and the pleasant scent of the oils.

  • Use as a therapeutic steam inhalation: Use appropriate essential oils 1-3 times daily for up to 7 days, or until symptoms subside. Can be helpful in combating a chest cold, flu, or sinus infection.

You will need:
v      Pot with lid
v      2 cups of water
v      Essential oil blend of choice
v      1 Bath towel, 1 Hand Towel

    1. Simmer 2 Cups of water on medium heat in pot with lid on, do not boil.
    2. Place pot on a flat surface with a hand towel below—sitting at a table works well.
    3. Remove lid. Add 3-5 drops of essential oil blend to pot of steaming water.
    4. Be sure temperature of water is comfortable before step 5.
    5. Lean over pot --make a tent over your head with bath towel to trap in as  much steam as possible. When comfortable, inhale through the nose and mouth for 5-15 minutes, do this 1-3 times daily or until symptoms reside.


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