December 17, 2012

Listening to and Journaling with Your Essential Oils

Getting To Know Your Essential Oils 

One of my favorite times spent with the plant world, was the day I received my very first bulk order of essential oils in the mail. It was only weeks before my Clinical and Spiritual Aromatherapy class

I was most familiar with oils I most enjoyed blending for myself and for friends.  Other than that, I was only familiar with those essential oils I quickly smelled in stores. But, there is something extra special about cultivating your own quiet and intentional space to sit and truly experience the essential oils one by one in your own space at home. You may like to take a cleansing salt bath, light a candle, and set your intention. You are about to take time to listen, laugh, and sometimes deeply center yourself through the help of a few plant friends. 

Plants Have Personality!

Essential oils have personality; they conjure imagery of shapes, depth, textures, and colors. They vary in their weight, and effects on our levels of energy. They are as unique as we are and I think it is important that we honor this by honor them by creating the time and space to become familiar with one another.

...And They Are Ready To Be Acknowledged By More Modern Day Humans...

When that box arrived I intuitively felt I should do a blind smelling test. I took out each bottle and turned the label away from me so that I could not identify one oil from the next.

I grabbed my plant journal and slowly began to smell the first oil by waving it from side to side a couple inches below my nose. I sat with my eyes closed for a few minutes and allowed the plants to tell their story. I experienced the scent, personality, and effects the oils expressed and I then wrote them in my journal without judgment. After my first oil, I decided to try and hold the closed bottle first and record my impressions I felt before even smelling it. You will be surprised at how much can come to you!

I was amazed after doing this. A few weeks later after class began, I found there were many oils that spoke clearly. Since we are all unique, not all impression will be the same. The effect an oil has on me may be very different from how it affects you. That is the beauty of plant medicine, it truly is for the people, and tailored for each unique being.  Though there is much to learn from books, we can also learn many valuable things from our intuitive conversations with the plants.

Conversations With Essential Oils

Conversationthat is what I feel we and essential oils are capable of sharing. All we need is an open mind and open heart. I feel as much personality with the oils as I do with many humans and animals. They are all unique, beautiful, and so essentially themselves.

They practice of sitting, feeling and "listening" to what a plant has to offer can seem like an awkward concept at first for some. Often worries of people may think come to mind. I am not suggesting a plant diva seance or anything. People sit and stare at things all the time! Even if you feel you are not one to get a sense for a plants use, there is something very therapeutic about simply sitting and having open space with them.

 If you are someone who worries about people staring and wondering if you are a fruit loop, start by sitting with the essential oils or even with your houseplants. You may find reason to not worry about onlookers when you finally venture outside. Heck, you may even invite them to join in. 

Blending oils together is much like gathering a group of individuals. Some groupings balance one another, Some have a single entity that tends to speak louder and some clash all together! What is most amazing is how many can work together. They form a beautiful group of supportive friends when you most need them. They become your allies.

Listen To Your Own Inner Guidance 

I encourage you to take time to listen to your own conversation with the oils prior to reading about the essential oils. It may help you to further your trust in your intuition and ability to listen in. Below are some examples of questions you can ask yourself if you feel you need some inspiration. But, first, if you can, try without reading those questions… see what comes to you!

 Getting Started:

  1. When smelling your oils be sure to sit in a well ventilated room. 
  2. If you begin to feel light headed, take a break, grab some fresh air, and/or turn on a fan. 
  3. Have a bag of coffee beans handy to smell between each essential oil to refresh your palette!

Some of the things that may come up, or questions you may like to ask:

  • Does this oil feel emotionally heavy, light, and/or balancing?
  • What color(s) does this oil bring to mind?
  • What shape(s) does this oil bring to mind?
  • Any visual images coming to mind?
  • Any particular emotions speaking to my heart?
  • Where in your body do I  feel the oil? 
  • Does it inspire any physical sensations?
  • Does this oil feel warming, cooling, neutral?
  • What foods does this remind me of?
  • Do any  words come to mind?
  • Does this evoke a memory of a particular person?
  • Does this remind me of a time period in my life?
  • Does this remind me of a particular day in my life?
  • Does this make me think of a time of history past?  If yes, What time period is this?

I hope that this is helpful to you on your journey with the plants. Do enjoy!

Call or send me an email if you have any questions. I have enjoyed hearing feedback and impressions from a variety essential oils!
Warm wishes,


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