December 6, 2012

On Being Healer, A Helper, A Lover of Service...

Path of the Heart. Sienna, Italy. Nishaan Sandhu, 2008

"Healer"feels likes such a loaded word at times...

heal·er  (hlr) From:
One that heals or attempts to heal, especially a faith healer.

When I was in my very early twenties, I told my boyfriend (at the time), that I wanted to be a healer. I didn't know what it meant, It was just the closest word I knew to describe someone who would help relieve pains from another. I was young, and knew I wanted to help people. The word healer did not hold glamour, prestige, or ego to me.  It was a word for the service.

I grew up in an extended family with a history of arthritis of the spine, many car accidents, hip fractures, and surgeries. I witnessed a lot of pain, and wished there was something more I could do to help them other than watch them take pain medications and feel depressed most of the time.

When I expressed this to my boyfriend, he laughed at me!

I was a timid person at the time with little self confidence in myself. Obviously...otherwise I wouldn't have been with this guy. I shrank as he threw his hands in the air (evil jazz hands i recall so clearly, lol) as he mockingly said "Ooohhh! So you want to be a heeealer?!". I was pretty mortified. For one, I finally realized what  a dip shit this guy was and two, I really wondered if it was a ridiculous dream. From that point on I felt like "healer" was an egoistic word. But, I have finally come back around to re-recognize my meaning of the word healer, and, my comfort in using the word to describe my work as an individual.

Thank you A-hole ex-boyfriend for giving me fuel for my fire! Yee haa!

To Heal is To Positively Help What Already Is

To me, the act of being a healer, is simply the act of being a helper. Though, being a healer does not simply extend to other humans alone. It can extend to animals, the earth, a home, a piece of furniture...the list goes on. Healing is simply an act of positive transformation. It takes a patient ear, a gentle but keen eye, and open heart that is ready to give. I think that laughter helps a lot too...helping people to see the lighter side of life in darker times can break up old patterns of stagnation.

A responsible healer takes the time to recharge themselves in order to sustain their well being and their life's not about total sacrifice, it's not about being a victim or a's just about being  a compassionate human being!

As a young adult, I loved to volunteer. I recall thinking in my late teens, '...I don't know what I want to do, but, I do know that helping people gives more joy and meaning to my life than anything. I would like to help people for life...'.

Kind of Like that 'Teaching a Person to Fish' Thing From that Book.

I believe that a true healer of the people helps them to discover methods in which they can heal themselves. It is up to the client to do the real work. I use the word client from a practitioners stand point...but, you don't have to be a professional to be a real healer. True healers are educators by action. They offer a compassionate ear to listen to their clients' health stories. They work at a pace of patience. They do not judge, or criticize for what may be lacking...they point out what is good and build up from there.

Most importantly, healers recognize that the true healing comes from within the client, not purely from the one attempting to assist in the healing!

Listening In 

 I feel that today, I am confident to say that I have been able to offer this in my practice. It makes me proud for listening to my heart and following my path as a healer. It has been difficult at times, especially living in such a conservative place as Kentucky. But, over time, I found my community of like minded people.

 In time, I even helped to open the hearts and minds of a some who doubted alternative healing as a whole, but eventually found enough patience for healing in themselves.

It takes time for some to believe that we deserve to feel out best. It takes time to listen to what our bodies are telling us we need. Healing is listening, reflecting, and growing...

We are all healers in our own way....Have you found the healer in you?

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