November 22, 2012

Sunlight meditation and thanks

I am thankful for this day in November, warm enough to lay outside, and for the sunlight that kisses my face and layers upon layers clothing.

I am in wonder of a family I have grown into...what luck and love. To have a home to visit during days like these, when my immediate family is far away, is a gift. It continues to be as precious as the first year I was welcomed over five years ago.

My heart reflects on the honest friendships i've been graced with this past year. How, thankfully, I was proven wrong: we indeed can Cultivate soul connections as we grow. We can trust, support, and share in kindness, truth and love. Life goes much more, after thirty and beyond... 

I am Thankful for the crisp, clean air I breathe as I lay on this rough wooden porch with this temperamental cat we call Ginger. She is a ham for the she rolls around half a dozen poses and then tries to eat it.

To have a day off in which I can cultivate time to feel the light, to observe, and to be light, is to be human. I must find more ways for days to be like this. To allow the space of my lungs, heart and spirit to is joyful, and comfortable...this internal quietness is both satisfying and necessary.

A collage of chirping birds and screeching children from yards away make me smile...the sun is shining...and the breeze is practically warm compared to yesterday.

I watch as a squirrel swing and clings to a tight rope in the sky. He steps to the rhythm and swishing of  leaves, as another sifts for treasures underground.

I stare at the searcher until he pops up and stares back at me. It's only a few seconds before his head is down again. There is more shuffling to do, until, finally...treasures found! He stands up and holds the cutest little paws to stuff his puffed up cheeks.

With my eyes closed towards the sky, the sun glows through my eyelids. Swarms of red, yellow, and orange slowly muddle together. I think about how colors can make us feel warmth, and then my thoughts wander to the ground....whispers of leaves will nourish the soil this winter...books, mint tea, and meditations in sunlight will nourish my soul.

Thank you universe for all the goodness you present me. And, thank you for also for the path to see there is light in all of us.

Edited 11/24/12

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