November 12, 2012

Garden harvest: In Darkness And In Light

I spread lots of seeds this year...there are only a few lovely reds that sprouted from the earth this past season.

Though, I am an herbalist and lover of plants, I find the darker seasons of fall and winter to be my favorite. I love the time winter allows us to sink deep into our roots. We settle into the hidden, shadowy sides of our true selves as do the elements, plants, and trees in nature when their energy retreats to their roots.

Winter is akin to being underground. I think this is why I always loved snow days; a guilt free gift to do what all of our bodies really want to do in the winter: rest, rebuild, read, relax...

Though, we tend to get less sunshine and green time in the cooler months--I think this time can be equally as invigorating.

Where there is light-a shadow is bound to be cast...that is life. It is all good stuff, some emotions darker than others...some trials more difficult than others...

The coming winter season is a time to honor our inner darkness, our shadow, and, to be comfortable with just being who we are inside and out; an integration of darkness and light.

As the earth dances and changes with the rhythm of the seasons, so do we. An acceptance and embrace of this subtle, yet, energetic, movement deepens our connection to Earth, and, life. It can lead to an even a better understanding of our friends and companions. By recognizing our own unique responses to the world around us, we can increase our joy factor by a bazillion. Yes, definitely a bazillion.

Not every day is sunshine and roses--but, everyday has a window in which we can perceive it to be potentially beautiful--no matter how bitter, no matter how sweet--life always has inspiring lessons to teach.

Happy November everyone!

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