December 19, 2010

Join Nourish for a Class in March!

Herbs & Aromatherapy for Digestive Health & Stress.
Friday, March 4th 10-12:30pm. 
Have you ever been so tired or stressed that your digestive tract seems to be in knots?!   If so, please join us in March where you can learn ways to deal with this discomfort in a holistic and natural way! 

How we cope with stress plays a vital role in our overall health as living beings. High levels can depress the immune system, alter metabolism and very much effect your digestion. Herbs and aromatherapy can be an effective way to maintain balance within the gut and improve how our bodies handle stress. 

Join herbalist Nishaan Sandhu for a hands on experience at The Arboretum State Botanical Gardens on March 4, 2011. You will learn how to safely introduce herbs, whole foods and essential oils into your everyday life in order to alleviate digestive disorders and better deal with stress. 

Cultivate a healthier you!

Cost is $25.00, includes educational materials and an individualized essential oil blend to take home. Limited seating available and preregistration required. 


Contact Nishaan Sandhu by email or phone (502) 802-8036

The Arboretum, 500 Alumni Drive, Lexington, KY 40503
Directions via Google Map:

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