November 27, 2013

It's the beautiful little things that can make up your moment... your day...your life....

Hello dear friends!

It is a chilly November afternoon.

As I sit and write to you today, I am enjoying the warming aromatic bliss that rises from a steaming cup of ginger, lemon and sweetly minted herbal tea...which is now cold ;)

That hot cup was just what I need after a long drive through the snow and rain from Ithaca, NY to Maryland, where my sister and family is hosting Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, they convinced me to leave a day early in order to beat the incoming storm along the East Coast, and for that now I am sitting cozy.

What a treat and joy to see my family!

And, in the upcoming months, I can't wait to enjoy more times like these.

So, I wanted to share an update about my return home as it nears so we can make plans to see one another too. 

Here, finally enters, time to relax...

...and I surely hope that you are doing the same.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the stress of  "This has to be done! Ahhh!"

Over stressing....I totally know how this goes...all too well.

So, I would like to remind you of one simple way to better deal with holiday stress...along with a little anecdote that helped me to re-find this very tool...

On my down to Maryland, I totally found myself having to remind me to breath, relax my shoulders, and step aside from the fast lane of my mind.

Yes, it was snowing, getting dark, and I had a six hour drive ahead....BUT...the snow was beautiful, I could listen to hours of music I love and there was absolutely no valid reason for me to take a front row seat on the bus to stress land.

The shift occurred when I got an indecipherable from my mother in her normal texting fashion that read, "Yeah we ll have stir ery n rice l8 mamasan".

At first I was like,  "Oh my goodness. How the heck am I supposed to decipher this while I am driving?" ('re not.).

I suddenly realized that my stress meter went up over a message about stir-fry... 

So, I put down my phone, kicked my left brain out, and quietly started laughing at the ridiculousness of that stressful state of mind. It made space to giggle even louder at the sheer cuteness of my moms text. 

She is a super educated woman, but, she's just a little textically challenged. And...her messages are adorably cute and funny. I wouldn't even want auto correct to get in the way. Ever. 

Laughter flipped the switch...

Anyhow, I just wanted to share this tid bit with you as a reminder about how calming down can sometimes be as easy as just laughing.

Especially, if you find it normal to stress out over things like traffic, burnt cranberries, or a messy counter around the holidays.

It may be best if you laugh with yourself for putting emotional stock into these things... if nothing preventative medicine....

 And, laughter, truly is, one of Natures's best medicines. Especially when it comes to self-care.

That, time with people you love, and cold cups of herbal tea...

So, today is the first honest deep breath I have had between graduation and my big move back to the South....which happens on December 14th, 2013.

I can't wait to be home!

It feels so deeply grounding and beautiful to enjoy these first moments where I can focus in on my practice and my home life in Lexington.

I really have missed working on a one-to-one basis with you all. I feel honored to be able to return home to this again; in person and online.

This year away has been life changing both internally as well as for the quality of services I share with the community around me.

I feel much more confident in my abilities as an herbalist, massage therapist and holistic health care practitioner in general.

I know that working may seem like a silly thing to look forward to and cherish...but, as you may know, when you love your day-to-day work, it seamlessly hems itself into your life, joy and being-ness.

I have many memories and experiences that I would like to share. But, I will save them for for the coming months ahead, when I will have time to relax and write tips that are of help to you in regards of natural self-care.

I hope to share anecdotes from my general life experiences as well as from this past school year. 

It has been an amazing experience!

I complete the herbal apprenticeship portion of my program in less than two weeks. There will be much to miss.

I forged some beautiful friendships inside and outside of school. I spent lots of time on the road while on herb wild crafting trips.

 I made lots of medicine, formulated new aromatherapy blends and experienced so many valuable lessons in the world of medical herbalism. 

I also poured and labeled hundreds, maybe thousands, of little amber bottles with herbal tinctures....and laughed...a lot.

But, home is calling to my heart, and as winter sets in, I am ready to return!

Be in touch if you would like to speak about future appointments or holiday gift certificates: 

I will be offering massage sessions, customized perfumes, herbal consultations and aromatherapy sessions. 

Between the time I leave New York and then, I hope to have some time to joyfully unwind back into the life I missed and loved dearly while away.

Until then, I wish you a most beautiful holiday season!

And, most importantly....Remember to let go of all that little stuff that hangs from your neck and shoulders. Remember to Laugh and Love. Remember to cherish the beautiful little things that make up your moment, your day, your life....

So much love to you,

p.s. if you like my photos, drop on by my instagram account and take a peek at my time while away. I encountered many beautiful views and flowers! 

p.p.s And, also, if you have been experiencing neck pain...especially after a long distance holiday drive, check out this quick self-care massage video that I made just for you earlier today. 

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