October 5, 2013

On Following Your Heart Path

Dreams are seeds to reality.

Time makes space to nurture them.

Moments of doubt may humble you, but,
this nature is what builds confidence whole.

Knowing your path is what breaks the ground and 
Listening with more than ears acknowledges true knowing.

Your lens on life is what built this Soil;
Don’t let the beliefs of others detract you
from tilling your earthly convictions.

There will always be others who try to bring you down, inside or out.

They may be lawful,
they may be family,
they may be self-imposed fears.

But, Believe it or not, those who lift you up are more numerous than you imagine.

They may not be from cut from the same cloth,
they may not wear the same feathers, but,
those who grow with you are from the same tribe.

These are the people you were born to work with. 
These are the people who will feed you, teach you, love you,
And, You, in your Heart, already know nothing but, to do the same in return.

We become grounded in our waking lives, when we recognize, how much our self-imposing limits can prevent us from following our dreams.

We just have to remind ourselves that this much is true; remind your friends, your family, your students, your neighbors--the more you do, the more you will realize the same stands for you.

Written on October 3, 2013 by Nishaan...Thoughts on Following Your Path with Passion.

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