September 5, 2013

Happy New Moon in Earthy, Loving, Virgo...One of My Very Favorite Signs

A glimpse of Autumn, Ithaca, NY 2013
It feels like we are coming to the end of a long and beautiful summer. Mine was filled with plant medicine making, long wild crafting road trips,  studies in botany & physiology, and, a blustery move into a lovely new apartment in Ithaca.

It hardly feels like September. Although, today's crisp, cool air reminds me, and, it brings with it a big breath of nostalgia. I am at standstill in my year away from my family, friends, practice, and home.

Somewhere in Nebraska, June 2013

Since it has already been nine months, {....oh my goodness, that's really hard to grasp....}, my time here is beginning to feel more like a memory than a present moment.

I've had so many stories and images to share over the past two months, but, very little time to sit and write. It feels like a bit of a loss, in all honesty, but, in my upcoming entries, I do plan to catch up to capture the essence.

Rose Medicine, Northeastern School of Botanical Medicine 2013

 I am eager to share so much on plant medicine making from the wild, herbal home remedies, and photo journals from some really spectacular places I had a chance to visit.

This summer I began to experiment with recording educational videos, and, if you'd like, you can view them on Youtube. I will share my page below. I have really enjoyed this, as sharing stories "in person" feels most vital these days.

Today, though, marks a New Moon in Virgo, one of my very favorite astrological signs. It is an Earth sign of service, organization, healing, and grounding. And...Virgo also happens to be the sign of my life partner,, maybe I am bias!

Collage, Winter 2013
Each New Moon to me marks a time to start fresh, set intentions, plant seeds, and, to embrace your personal power in creation.  This is a great time to make wishes, especially those that touch on the astrological theme of the month. So, I wanted to briefly share with you, some ideas on earthy, grounded Virgo, as well as some beautiful words from others that I came across today.

For this months New Moon wishes, you may consider focusing on: organization skills, healthy routines of exercise and eating, healing your digestion, and/or, ways you may be of service to others.

One of my favorite wishes I read today in the book, New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller, was, "I want to easily find myself focusing on what is RIGHT in my life, rather than what is wrong".

Montana Rainbow Gathering
I feel like the following quote taps into an important piece when it comes to trying on a lens that sees what is "right" in life versus what is "wrong" in life, and, all and all, it goes back to the New Moon:

"If New Moons had different sizes like Full Moons do, this one (in Virgo) would be very tiny, not because of insignificance, but because her truth can be written on the back of a postage stamp: ‘We have what we need’. It’s that simple."

 ~Sarah Varcas, Awakenings: Intuitive Astrology for the Heart and Soul.

Oh, and by the way. Today I saw a t-shirt at the grocery store with a owl on it that said something along the lines of "be positive" {but in prettier words I am sure}.

Have you had any similar themes popping up in your life lately? Or, maybe a theme of focus, discipline and organization? I have heard this coming up strongly for people in very different areas of my life!

Ithaca Garden, Lincoln Street, Summer 2013
If you don't know where to start for you wishes, take a look at Jan Spiller's book, New Moon Astrology, that I mentioned above. It is one of my very favorites. I have been making wishes out of this book for almost a decade and really do feel like it is a powerful way to focus in on positive personal growth and change <3

I am wishing you a beautiful, grounded, self-love filled and happy New Moon in Virgo!

Before I go, here is the link to my Youtube page as promised. If you are more of a photo person and interested in having a peak into my wild crafting adventures + lovely herbal things between, definitely follow my Instagram page.

With love,


  1. Oh, Happy, beautiful, grounded, self-love filled New Moon in Virgo! This is just so lovely.

  2. I really like the way you have explained the whole article. It is very informative. Thank you.
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  3. Thank you Shama! I am happy that this was helpful to you and I wish you a happy welcoming of Autumn :)