May 14, 2013

Let the Wisdom and Voices of our Ancestors Empower Us

Today was officially our first day of classes at the botanical medicine school.  

Though it is mid-May, it was SNOWING! Nothing major, but, still...I had on many layers and my fluffiest sweater. 

Up until now, my apprenticeship has mainly taken place at the Ithaca Free Clinic; on plant walks around the beautiful town in which I stay, and working at the school with my teacher.

 I am sooo excited to learn so much more, but, I think I will also miss these past intensive months as well. 

Not too long from now we will be heading to Montana to set up a tent at this year's Rainbow Gathering... an event that hosts over 10,000 people!

Anyhow, I am getting way ahead in time...for now, I am completely enjoying the new change of pace, even if it means some 12 hour days as an apprentice, like today. 

 The new students and my sister apprentice are all lovely and I look forward to forging new friendships.

Yay! for herb school and for studying with such an amazing teacher. I can't wait to bring so much of this stuff back home.

I hope to help remind people in our community of the traditional medicines our ancestors knew first hand...a second nature that had passed down through generations. 

Though, it seems that much of that knowledge has dammed up with lack of acknowledgement, it does not mean that it can not be fully revived and integrated back into our day to day lives. 

And, though, it is important to take the time to ask for some guidance or to make intelligent decisions when it comes to using plants as medicine, it is not a great mystery waiting to be solved. The wisdom is here.

You don't have to become an herbalist to practice using herbs in your day to day life.

All you need are your senses, a mind that is open to some critical thinking, and an ear for a beautiful story that marries people and plants.

I think it is time that we all have our own herbal stories to share from our kitchens, homes and backyards. 

I think it is time that we all have a chance to reclaim the medicines of the people.

 It is the medicine of our ancestors. It is the medicine of the earth. 

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