May 19, 2013

Fading into A Real Day of Rest

Today, I hope to inspire you to step away from your productive-to-do's and fade into your dreamy-to-do's <3 <3

Summer is sneaking up on Ithaca, although, the mornings and evenings are still cool. The Finger Lakes are a delight.

My classes have picked up, so time is slim and my brain is full by the end of most days. There are thoughts and theories on how the body work from skin to cell...

The adrenal glands, nervous system and herbal actions swarm through my days and dream states!

I am thankful for the gift of such an intensive and thorough learning program. And, I am also thankful for the surprise two days in a row off to simply rest my body and mind.

By creating space between our "go" stages, we allow all the information that we absorb and so dearly want to retain to soak in.

Sometimes mindfully mindless time is just what we need. It offers us time to reconnect with our senses, to experience and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.


And, sometimes, these little breaths of fresh air are all we need to create such space.

These breaks allow us a moment to smile and a space to feel how, really, life can be simple. We just tend to make it much more complicated than necessary and allow our circumstances to take over every waking moment. I hope that is is obvious that I am not speaking of those who are truly in crisis, that would be insensitive and flippant.

I am speaking to those of you who make endless to-do-lists. Those of you who allow your work stress to follow you back home like a lost child. Those of you who have endless amounts of criticism for yourself and the world around would like to inspire you to find a way to stop the cycle.

Give yourself a break.

Why not have a cup of tea and stare out the window?

If you can't turn off your mind, listen to some music, or a radio show. You don't have to be in total silence to have a break, not everyone is wired this way.

Meet you where you are and have no guilt.

So...for my mindfully mindless time off? I took pictures and wrote about the beauty of flowers for fun because it makes me feel good.

There are lots of garden folk in this town and the sidewalks burst forth with color + life... it is heavenly!

I spend many minutes of my waking life trying to capture images of beautiful flowers and things.

 I have also spent many minutes of my life wrapped up in pointless worry.

Having a camera phone has made my life much sweeter, as I now have a camera available at all times. It keeps my hands, mind, and spirit focused on the little gems around me. It reminds me how thankful I am that people cultivate beauty and It inspires me to follow through with attempts to do the same. 

I began my time off this weekend by frequenting a beautiful poppy patch, as they are my very favorite flower of all time.

This patch is surrounded by purple Iris (a close runner up on my favorites) and spacey purple onion puffs.

What great taste! Hugs to you dear gardener who ever you are, thank you for the eye-candy and for giving me beautiful imagery to dote on.

So, how about you?

What is it that makes you feel good? If you could do anything today within your reach {non-productively speaking}, what would that be?

I woke up at 5am and was greeted by a dove song outside my window. It was the sweetest thing, and, yes, eventually it's mate called back.

The dove has returned to the rooftop. And, as I write it reminds me to retreat from my computer so I may tend to a softer day in the yard...I will plant salad savory herbs, harvest violets, listen to music and trim the grass {which I wish could just be prairie land}. Or maybe something different, we will see which way the winds blow!

Wishing you the most beautiful and dreamy day you allow yourself to fade into...


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