January 30, 2012

Intriguing Solarmax Phenomena in May 2013, Our Reliance on Electricity & Connection To Ourselves.

I woke up today to listen to a really interesting bit on the radio about the Solarmax phenomena that occurs every so many centuries or so. I would attempt to explain, but, am sure that I would butcher the science, so I will offer a glazing of the details below. So, you should totally listen to the link to the radio show (below) to hear the show for yourself.  

I write because I feel the radio show was something of an answer to a question I have been asking over the past few weeks in regards to people "feeling" different. 

 I am someone who feels that we humans, animals, birds, insects and the like, feel and experience what is happening in the entire world around us. Sun, moon, stars, planets, waters, wind, etc. Our moods flow with the energy of them all, and, if we stop to listen, we can take note of patterns to better understand ourselves and all life around us, near and far.  I have seen, recorded and experienced too many things in relation to the moon cycles, eclipses and other natural occurrences to possibly turn my head. Instead, I prefer to  listen, and look deeper. 

I have heard many people share their very vivid dreams and feelings of being more sensitive to energies over the past few weeks than usual, which I too have been experiencing. At first I thought it may be in reflection of the phase of this past New Moon. However, once the moon began to wax again, the feelings remained just as strong, if not stronger. I recorded my experiences in my journal but had not made time for research. Though, over time, I began to observe similar experiences that people posted on Facebook as well as hear stories from my clients at work. Finally, I began to ask friends and family to ponder about what it may be. As you can imagine, today's radio about fairly major energetic activity with the sun and atmosphere sure perked my ears (and offered a slight sense of relief). I turned happened to turn the radio on right as it started, and  It all seemed to simply fit into place. 

For those of you interested, here are some more details on the interesting natural phenomena called Solarmax and its effects on the earth, technology and the sky. The Northern Lights have to be one of my most desired "sights to see" before I die. This video was taken in Sweden just last week on January 24, 2012. That was just a day after a chunk of the sun flew off and into the atmosphere! (Which you can see from a NASA video above).

by Chad and Linnea Blakely

Flickers From the Past...
Apparently, in the (I think  mid/ late) 1800's, there was a solar storm that was so powerful, the Northern Lights could be seen all the way down to Florida. Telegraph poles began flashing on their own in response to the very sudden, and intense ball of energy that was sparked off from the sun. 

Lighting Up Tomorrow?
There will be another one in May of 2013. Since they occur so infrequently, the only way that scientists can try to predict the effects are through polar ice caps. So, basically, we don't really know what the effects will be like or if there is a way to deflect the energy. We can only hope that there is enough warning to move our giant transformers around in order to avoid the path of the energy. 

The More You Rely On Something, 
The More it Holds Power Over You.
(Maybe In This Case, Takes The Power Away.)

First World Problem...
What is so different from the past and now is that we rely so much on GPS, our cell phones, and electricity (think about those ginormous transformers and towers). There is a question as to how this will disrupt the way we live in America today, as it would much of the "first world". It will definitely be more of a "first world problem" if anything. The effects will be greater the further north of the equator and lesser the further South of the equator.  The interview is pretty straight forward from most of the guests. However, I felt that some answers about the possible negative effects in regard to possible black outs, were somewhat evaded by Frank Koza, of PJM Interconnections. He is the fellow who oversees the flow of electricity to about 13 US states. Just listen and you will see what I mean. I am not trying to make a fuss about the world ending or anything, just kind of curious if we should be a little prepared just in case large transformers are struck and we are left without electricity for a few days or even longer. By the way, they mentioned something along the lines of a possibility of trillions of dollars in damage. 

Will The Sun Push Us For Solar?
I really like the image of Apollo, striking the earth on the side of its head with his fire. "Hello?! You little ingrates, when are you going to get the point?! My power has been here all along, it could be all you need to make energy!"

Maybe individual households should consider moving forward in the process and out of the daydream of setting up a solar panel, or purchasing their fire wood burning stove? When asked if our laptops and cellphones are likely to be effected it was an "unlikely"on the laptops and "likely" on the cell phones, due to the cell phone towers. That is I think if we are able to evade the situation. It was said that high voltage and large conductors are more likely to be affected--they would go into something of an overload. Whereas, the lower frequency generators, (and this is where it comes full circle), would work at a higher charge.  For example, there was a gentleman whose hand held radio was suddenly able to reach across the world versus it's usually much smaller coverage. 

Energy Within and Without
This makes me wonder if it was the energy of this past solar storm that has left so many of us lit up the past few weeks with vivid dreams, and high sensitivity to energy? I had a Reiki session today and brought up my recent feelings, my practitioner too felt there was a shift occurring, they pointed out that it may be a shift of the earth more so than something on an individual basis. I mentioned the radio show, as I had just finished listening to it from my apartment and in my car on the way to my session. 

A meaningful coincidence perhaps, The Breathtaking Power And Beauty Of The Sun, with Tom Ashbrook.

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