May 1, 2011

Stella's Deli and other Lexington Sources for Local Meat & Produce in Lexington

*just a the going on three years that I have been in Lexington I have found numerous more restaurants that I love! I will name a few here in this little blurb, as I have not had the time to update this article as I keep finding them, Tomo (Sushi), Alfalfa's (vegan/veg friendly fun atmosphere), Table 310 (great date night, local fare), The Windy Corner (A nice ride to the country, local fare, delicious food-KY style)...the list will go on. I hope this continues to be helpful. I will embellish more as time goes on. :)

If You Haven't Tried Stella's...You Are Missing Out On A Local Gem!
Today my partner and I had an impromptu lunch at one of our favorite places to eat in town. While dining in their quaint and flowery patio on this temperate day...I realized  I should  post about this delectable restaurant just in case you all had yet to have the pleasure to pay them a visit. I began to visit Stella's because they cook with local meat and produce, I continue to go back because I have Never been disappointed...only the opposite.

Everything that I have tasted from rueben to lamb burger, creative salads and tomato artichoke bisque to handcrafted has all been truly amazing. My mother was a chef and I am fairly picky...yet still, I have loved everything that I have had at Stella's. If you have not tried it, do so soon! If you are not in the area often, it's worth stepping out of your way for. It's a great place for a casual date or to bring out of town guests.

They are open 7 days a week and have a great weekend brunch.

 The Ethics of Choosing What and Where to Eat...
Going out to eat is a treat that can sometimes feel like a border line ethical and gestational dilemma. It dawned on me how it may helpful to share some of the excellent resources we have in town for those of you who have not had a chance to explore. We do have Restaurants that serve local meat and produce here in Lexington that are totally affordable and often hidden gems.

 I hope to continue to add to these notes over time... how lucky we are to live in farm friendly Kentucky!

See list below of other places in town that serve or sell local meat and produce. Please add to the list!


You Are...What You Eat Eats... I often post about the poor quality of foods that line our conventional grocery shelves, processed, high fructose corn syrup and pesticide ridden. Food is more that what you eat when you are hungry you really are what you I like to say, you are what you eat eats. Eating organically, ethically and locally raised meats and produce are not only more sustainable for your health they also directly effect the wellbeing of our local economy and communities. And, to put it simply, they just taste better.

The Organic Vs. Conventional Taste Test
If you are not accustomed to eating organic foods, I suggest you try a little experiment. Buy a conventional carrot and stalk of celery from a conventional grocery store in town. That same day, wing by the Good Food Co-op and purchase the similarly shaped and named vegetable in organic form. When you get home, take a moment to taste the's kind of amazing. Did you know that celery actually had a taste other than cold wateriness? I can now see why our grandmothers and grandfathers put this in just about every soup stalk. 

Some other great places in town that have ethically raised and local meats are listen below, I hope to soon add write more about them to help you all get a feel if you have not already. 

Some Lexington Restaurants Serving Local Meat and Produce

  • Doodles-- breakfast and lunch, local produce, meat, and eggs. -

  •  Al's Bar--Great music, home to Lexington's Holler Poet SeriesExcellent burgers and fancifully fried side moderation of course. 

  •  SideBar Grill--Check out the reviews on Tripadvisor, makes a great burger.

  • Stella's Kentucky Deli--A great local place to eat, my favorite dish is the apple and blue salad with roasted turkey. 

  • Table Three Ten--A fun and upscale date place. Some local meat and produce. 

  • The Windy Corner Market and Restaurant-A beautiful country like place out Bryan Station road. Nice breakfast, nice view, great place to take visitors from out of town who would like to experience Kentucky.

Here are Places That Are Delicious with Healthy Options
  • Alfalfas-Vegetarian, vegan, and meat friendly options. 
  • Tomo-Great sushi, fun atmosphere. 
  • Tokyo Sushi--My new favorite restaurant in town. They serve sushi and Korean dishes, such as Kimchi Jigae in an iron bowl--an amazing spicy soup that soothes the soul! 

Dining from Your Own Fridge

  • Good Foods Co-op--Lexington's own co-operative, good variety on organic produce, meats, cheese, eggs etc. Check the packages or ask the friendly deli folk to help inform you about local offerings.  

  •  Lexington Farmer's Market--Get to know the hands and face that helped to grow your food by visiting the farmer's market! Lexington is REALLY lucky to have such an excellent farmer's market, the selection is wonderful and the atmosphere fun---an excellent way to start the weekend. There are also markets that run on throughout the week...see the website for more details.  

  • Robert's Health Food Store--Has a pretty fresh selection of dried herbs from Frontier, a great place to buy them in bulk and get creative!

  • The Wholesome Chef--Not much of a cook? Ready to learn more? Take a class with Carolyn Gilles or one of the other many featured chefs!

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